San Luis Obispo Daybreak

   California, USA

Nov. 16, 2015:
More news from Moonie in Tepehua... "Built by private donors, construction of the new maternal health clinic at the Tepehua Community Center is almost completed.  Next comes the furnishing of necessary equipment to assist women through their prenatal and postnatal care (exciting!). Pre and postnatal counseling to help insure healthy babies is an important part of their program. As I have mentioned previously, the laboratory will house the only sonogram unit (on their wish list) in the area.The maternal clinic will serve women of the entire lakeside community (Lake Chapala), not only Tepehua, and will cut the infant mortality rate in half!! The mobile unit, which travels to 4 different barrios every week, will be able to transport women having lab and/or sonogram needs to the Tepehua Community Center maternal health center.Classes at the Community Center have expanded to include: English, reading, math, sewing, art, counseling, women's health, bazaar, jewelry making, and a bathing program (hot showers for families with no running water at home).The Dental Clinic is operating 3 times a week."
Nov. 3, 2015:
Our club's international service director, Veryl Ann Duncan, reports that things are going well at the Community Center in Tepehua, Mexico. The director of the center, Moonyeen King, says that the donation from SLO Daybreak to purchase a dental chair for their Dental Clinic is being heavily utilized and is one of the busiest spots at the center. In addition, their goal of building a Maternal Health Clinic with its own lab and ultrasound unit is well underway. The roof for the clinic is currently under construction. When completed, women will be able to give birth locally at the Community Center and only the most serious cases will require transportation by bus to Guadalajara. Several nurses and doctors have volunteered their time to work at the clinic, professionals that only earn basic wages at local clinics and are yet so willing to provide their services for free. The clinic is still in need of ultrasound machines, something vital to decreasing maternal mortality rates. SLO Daybreak can be proud of this ongoing partnership with the Rotary Club of Ajijic - it's making a difference through the funds we have sent and our club's volunteers that have traveled to Mexico to provide hands on work.