San Luis Obispo Daybreak

   California, USA

Posted on Aug 24, 2022

This year our club goal is to attract 10 new members while growing our club by a net of 5 members. We are running with about 25 members. Having 35 to 45 would be the optional number to reach for so we could easily accomplish our Rotary goals.

82% of new members come from referrals from existing members. So this year we are asking our members to bring someone you know to a Rotary meeting. Attendance at one of our meetings is really the best way to educate a potential member of what we actually accomplish each year. And even if the guest does not become a member, they can become a friend of our club and be supportive in many ways.

We now have “Invitation” business cards that can be handed out to potential guests that invites them to attend one of our meetings. If you don’t have any of those please pick them up at one of our meetings or contact me. It’s is a quick, easy way to increase the number of guests that attend our meetings.

Also check our website for weekly schedule of programs as that is a good way to encourage attendance by guests. Find a topic that is of interest to the potential guest and invite them to that specific meeting.

Each of us know a person that wants to be a Rotarian and would appreciate being asked to participate. Help us, help them to join our wonderful club!

Thanks for your assistance,

Michael Alamo, Membership Director