San Luis Obispo Daybreak

   California, USA

Congratulations to this year's K-12 teachers who were awarded a grant to support youth education in San Luis Obispo. Local teachers applied for specific funding for specific programs and supplies to advance their students' skills. Here are this year's recipients:
  • Dana McClish (Pacific Beach High School) - $600 for plumbing & electrical tools & equipment to learn the trade
  • Nicole Durrant (Hawthorne Elementary School) - $500 for a book giveaway system, allowing students to check books in and out of the classroom instead of the library
  • Tim Inglish (Laguna Middle School) - $363 for a projector and tech equipment for science experiments
  • Emily King (Teach Elementary School) - $279 equipment and tools for a cardboard building project
  • Deannie Greenelsh (Pacific Beach High School) - $500 for equipment and tools to enhance the students' art experience
  • Robert Donohue (Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School) - $500 for scientific calculators for math classes
  • Jessica Keach (Sinsheimer Elementary School) - $300 for a classroom rug for students to learn and engage on
  • Monica Reichmuth (Bishop's Peak Elementary School) - $476 for new stools/chairs for students to learn engage on